Monday, October 08, 2012

Ka-band Satellite Internet In Afghanistan

Wafa is providing ka band based satellite internet services over entire Afghanistan from US$ 19.66 per month only.

Speeds offered are up to 10 Mbps and with dish sizes only 74 cms.

Wafa's ka band services use Hughes and iDirect vsat terminals over Hylas 2 satellite.

Our services are called FreedomSat.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

C Band iDirect Services Over Entire Africa with Free iDirect Hardware

Wafa now provides coverage over entire Africa using C Band on Eutelsat's W2A satellite and Amos-% satellite

Also, free hardware iDirect X3 kits are being offered on many selected pacakges

We offer unlimited Services on 1:1 dedicated and Fap Free 1:5 and 1:10 on W2a Satellite.

And on the Amos-5 we offer very low priced dedicated capacity and low cost service packages .

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KA Band Broadband Services in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle East

Wafa has recently launched KA band services into North African regions including Morocco, Egypt, Libya ,etc and also into Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Some parts of Saudi Arabia and Northern Iraq.The services start at consumer packages like 6Mbps x 1Mpbs at prices similar to DSL!

From July 2012 onwards services will also start all over Afghanistan and all of Iraq as well on the Hylas-2 Satellite.

Target markets include consumer markets and the corporates as well .

KA Band uses very small dish as small as 77Cms and can get speeds up to 10Mbps x 6Mbps !

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Satellite Internet In Africa, Afghanistan And Iraq Using iDirects and Hughes HX

Whether it be the rural Africa or rural and war struck regions such as Afghanistan and Iraq, there will be a time when high speed data becomes a key necessity and as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions.

Terms such as : VSATs ( Very Small Aperture Terminals), high speed satellite internet, broadband satellite , are all synonyms and mean the same in layman's terms.

End users are only concerned with end result as always the case. In our case here all users need is perfect high speed internet in Africa, Afghanistan or Iraq. How this is achieved is ofcourse not their concern.

Ofcourse nothing is perfect in this world BUT always what is desired is close to perfection. So a good satellite internet provider who provides not only a reliable steady connectivity BUT at the same time is the most economical. In short as we slang it ' value of money bandwidth '

We as WAFA have tried to address all above issues within the closest proximity and infact have even taken it beyond by having launched Hughes HX VSAT terminals which are so easy to install and maintain and not only that but they are given at no costs on most of the packages , making us the first to give a complete Satellite Internet system for Free Of Cost. Whether it be for the military deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq or the local civilians here and in Africa we provide the system free of cost with most of the service packages.

We have addressed both the platforms - iDirects and Hughes HX.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

HughesNet - Hughes Net - Hughes HX Free Satellite Internet System For Afghanistan, Africa And Iraq

The Hughes HX 50 Satellite Internet System is a simple yet sophisticated Plug and Play system in the VSAT world. It provides full satellite broadband anywhere and every where in Middle East , Afghanistan and Africa.

We at WAFA understand the needs and have taken it a step further whereby we even provide the hardware for satellite internet free of costs for Middle Ease, Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa [ on most of the service packages ]

WAFA has systems at Al Taqaddum Air Base, Bahgram AF, Balad Base, Baquba Airfield, Cob Adder, Cob Speicher, Camp Al Asad Airbase, Camp Bucca Basra City, Camp Fallujah, Camp Korean Village, Camp Liberty, Camp Ramadi, Camp Slayer, Camp Stryker, Camp Taji, Camp Victory, Fob Bagram, Fob Delta Al Kut, Fob Diamondback, Fob Falcon, Fob Gardez, Fob Ghazni, Fob Kandahar, Fob Marez, Fob Normandy, Fob Summerall, Fob Sykes, Fob Salerno, Fob Warhorse, Fob Warrior, Herat RTC, Jallahabad Air Base, Kabul Airport, Kabul Camp Eggers, Kandahar Air Base, Lsa Anaconda Balad, Q-West Base Complex and Tallil Ab Lsa Adder.

WAFA delivers satellite internet systems for U.S. Military Personnel, Contracting Officers and DoD Contractors to mostly any military addresses in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East within the shortest time frame and in some regions in Afghanistan even in 48 hours.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Satellite Internet Systems For Afghanistan , Iraq and Africa

With our iDirect and Hughes HX 50 Satellite Internet Systems we can provide lightening fast, reliable and affordable internet in Afghanistan, Iraq , Middle East and Africa

Lack of poor communication infrastructure poses lots of problems to communicate back home to their families and anywhere in the globe. We are committed to provide high speed internet services to cater the needs of communicating them back home with their respective families

We at WAFA understand the needs and have taken it a step further whereby we even provide Free Satellite Internet Systems for the military troops, soldiers, marines in Afghanistan , Iraq and Middle East [ * with most of the service packages ]

The Hughes HX 50 Satellite Internet System is a simple yet sophisticated Plug and Play system in the VSAT world. The Hughes HX 50 provides full satellite broadband anywhere and every where in Afghanistan, Iraq , Middle East.

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